Stem Cells Treating ED

You may be surprised to find out that psychological issues do not always cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Other reasons can be from a post-surgical problem after prostate surgery, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

Sometimes medications such as Levitra, Cialis or Viagra are only partially effective when treating ED for men. However, there is now another option. Stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction.

ED occurs when there is a difficulty storing the blood necessary to maintain an erection. It can also happen from the body not being able to fill the erectile tissue with blood. With stem cell therapy treatment, we use the patient’s stem cells erectile tissues. Stem cell treatment can additionally improve sexual performance and enhance erections.

In stem cell use for erectile dysfunction, there are three parts to the procedure: harvest the cells; extract the bone marrow and consolidate the blood plasma. Once everything has been collected, the stem cell injection is prepared under sterile conditions. A microneedle is used to place the injection into the damaged location. This procedure doesn’t require a general anesthetic, only local anesthesia, and light sedation. It’s about a two-hour procedure and is performed on the out-patient level. There’s very little recovery time or post-procedure pain. After several weeks results start to be apparent, and the patient continues to improve.

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