Combining Stem Cell Treatment with Hormone Replacement Therapy to Help You ‘Heal From Within’

You might remember the story of Randy W., the sports referee who presented at Denver Regenerative Medicine for evaluation and treatment of significant pain in both of his knees.  After receiving stem cell treatments in both knees, Randy was back in the game and enjoying pain-free activities.

After achieving much-needed pain relief in his knees, Randy was on a mission to improve his health and wellbeing even further. He was still struggling to lose those pounds that had begun accumulating while in his forties. His low energy levels and decreased stamina were further compounded by his decreasing muscle strength and endurance.  He wasn’t sleeping well. He was losing interest in things that used to bring him enjoyment and was concerned about a decreasing libido.

After consulting with a board-certified anti-aging physician at Denver Regenerative Medicine, Randy learned that some of his symptoms could indicate low levels of testosterone.  Lab tests were performed. Randy met with his physician to discuss the test results and to discuss possible treatment options.   After careful consideration of his symptoms and his treatment options, Randy decided to add hormone replacement therapy to his treatment plan at Denver Regenerative Medicine.

The use of stem cell therapy to treat his orthopedic conditions combined with the use of hormone replacements to treat low testosterone was the kick-off to a healthier, happier Randy. His level of activity improved significantly, allowing him to do more with his family. His increased energy levels helped revitalize his interests in making the most out of life, enabling him to once again enjoy activities that helped strengthen his family relationships. He reports that he is in better health this year than in years past.  He even lost over 25 pounds!

While every patient is unique and treatment outcomes may differ between individuals, Randy’s individual course of treatment provided his body the extra advantages to help it achieve better health for a better life.

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