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Denver Regenerative Medicine


Our unique AcCELLerate ™ Stem Cell regeneration system developed at our regenerative medicine clinic in Denver involves utilizing the patient’s own stem cells, and combining that with the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to create a potent mixture of activated stem cells and platelets. By adding the PRP therapy to the stem cell concentrate, we allow all the growth factors from the PRP to begin to activate the stem cells immediately. Experience has shown that patients who receive our unique combination of activated platelets and Stem Cells, our AcCELLerate ™ Stem Cell regeneration system, begin to notice results approximately 30% sooner when compared to patients that have received just stem cells without platelets. Additionally, those same patients show sustained improvement over a longer period of time. As a leading Denver PRP therapy and stem cell injection clinic, DRM has the knowledge and experience to help you heal naturally with AcCELLerate ™ therapy.

acCELLerate ™ combines your plasma, platelets, and stem cells to activate the mixture and increase efficacy.

Platelet-rich plasma can boost the healing power of stem cell therapies. Also known as PRP, this therapy treatment option is something our Denver stem cell clinic specializes in and only requires a few simple preparatory steps that can be performed on an outpatient basis at Denver Regenerative Medicine.

  • You will be asked to stop taking certain medications, including corticosteroids, arthritis medicine, anticoagulants, and anti-inflammatory drugs, for about three weeks before your AcCELLerate™ procedure.
  • Our medical technicians will draw blood from a vein in your arm to begin the PRP therapy process. This typically happens on the day of the procedure.
  • A centrifuge is used to isolate platelets and plasma from other components of blood and to concentrate these elements to ensure the most effective treatment for your physical condition.
  • The platelet-rich plasma is then combined with your body’s own stem cells to create a customized treatment for muscle injuries and joint problems. We then administer the PRP and stem cell injections at our Denver clinic in the areas of the body where it is needed most.

The combination of stem cells and PRP can boost your own body’s healing power, reducing the time needed to restore full function and mobility to torn muscles and damaged ligaments. This can help you feel better faster and can ensure the best results for your medical needs.

The acCELLerate ™ Stem Cell regeneration system provides for the most effective regeneration of damaged tissue. Whether we are treating a degenerative arthritic knee, hip, elbow, or hand, or repairing a knee ligament, torn rotator cuff, or other torn muscle, the AcCELLerate ™ Stem Cell and PRP therapy regeneration system at our Denver clinic gives your body the best chance to heal, naturally, without drugs and without going under the knife.

The acCELLerate combination therapy of stem cells and PRP at Denver Regenerative Medicine allows us to use your body’s healing mechanism to heal damaged tissue by isolating, then concentrating your healing cells (as described above) and then precisely injecting those cells into damaged tissue. Combining the platelets with the stem cells is a unique process that we have developed in our clinic. Our experience has shown that when we combine Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with adult stem cells, our patients experience reduced pain and increased function 30% quicker than when adult stem cells are used alone. If you live in the area around Denver, PRP therapy and stem cell injections could help you, so give Denver Regenerative Medicine a call.