Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs

Dogs keep us happy, healthy, and often less stressed. Most pet lovers agree that they would ‘do anything’ for their pets. What if this therapy could help your pup avoid surgery altogether?

Osteoarthritis is defined as the chronic swelling of the joints due to the natural degeneration of cartilage over time. Osteoarthritis appears to be common in older dogs. 80 percent of dogs over the age of 8 suffer from OA, claims the operations manager of Animal Cell Therapies. Canine stem cell therapy is an incredible three-step process by which a licensed DVM can withdraw, concentrate, and then reinject your dog’s cells directly into the damaged area. In addition to OA, canine stem cell therapy can be used to treat RA, arthritis, tendonitis, and other injuries or ailments of the ligaments, muscles, and bones.

Currently, there are supplements, medications, surgeries, and numerous other invasive processes to help your pet feel less of the pain from their OA, but no treatment (except for stem cell) will regrow the cartilage. This cutting-edge treatment can regenerate the cartilage in their joints, often referred to as the bone padding or cushions. The procedure is a one-and-done injection that could potentially improve your dog’s quality of life for the entirety of their life.

Although most evidence supports the efficacy of stem cell treatments for canines, some veterinarians are hesitant to experiment with the process. Not every canine will qualify for the procedure. If your pup has a qualifying condition, you may need to consider a financing option like care credit (which most vets happily accept). Talk to your vet today to see if your canine will qualify for the procedure, how much it will cost, and what the associated risks are.


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