Stem Cells and Weight Loss

Ever wonder if there are other options to take off the extra weight gain? Research has shown that not all the weight gain is affected by the amount of food a person can consume. Would you like to drop fat in those hard to burn places?

The most known weight loss method is exercising, 95% of exercise only burns sugar. Without daily activity, it is nearly impossible to lose weight permanently. Diminishing people’s weight problems also help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and other overweight related issues.

When a person has a lack of insulin and high blood sugar, it is a metabolic disorder, Type 2 Diabetes. This disorder is the greatest cause of non-traumatic blindness and kidney failure. This disorder also has an increased risk of dementia or cognitive disease. When having type 2 diabetes, the body develops insensitive and isn’t able to produce insulin.

While transfusing one’s stem cells into the pancreas, it can help rejuvenate and boost its ability to produce insulin. This is becoming more successful in patients that are open to a change in their diet, taking supplements and exercising daily for long-term blood sugar control. When researching, they found that these new and active cells replace the old and damaged ones. Over time stem cell research has determined to change how the metabolism functions; faster, more efficient, and healthier.

Stem cells have the ability to reproduce forever, whereas other cells have a limited lifespan. With just one injection, a few stem cells can repopulate an entire bone marrow, rebuild the immune system, provide an infinite supply of stem cells, and repair the blood stream. In the last few years, stem cell science has advanced, many new developments and discoveries are still being made today.

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