Vampire PRP

We would all admit to wanting to be young again. We would also admit to thinking about trying different remedies and surgeries such as anti-aging creams and Botox injections to remove those unwanted wrinkles and that saggy face. There is no hiding the buzz about anti-wrinkle treatments and ways to look and feel younger. One new up and coming treatment is related to stem cell therapy, its goes by the name Stem Cell Facelift, also called Vampire Facelift™ or Vampire PRP. Vampire PRP treatments get their woeful name from a process which does involve using your own blood to create powerfully effective treatments.

As mention in previous blogs, Stem cell therapy is an innovative way to use your own stem cells to treat or rejuvenate your skin. By only using your cells for the procedure, we can significantly increase your chance for complete healing and rejuvenation, as your skin is utilizing its own building blocks to self-repair and began to remove wrinkles.

There are multiple reasons why you should consider the Vampire PRP procedure. First, these enhanced facial treatments make use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a cutting edge treatment of current science and technology research.  Many famous people, including Kim Kardashian and Bar Refaeli, use the treatments to fight off signs of aging and restoring their skin’s youthful appearance.  There are also many benefits of using PRP as part of your strategy to extending a youthful appearance. Users report overall rejuvenating effects including decreased scarring, reduced wrinkles and overall improved skin texture.

If you or someone you know would be interesting in this possible life changing proceed and have any questions, you can speak with one of our physicians during your free consultation to have those questions answered. The consultation may require a history and or physical examination. You can schedule that here.

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