Stem Cells Treating Diabetes

Stem Cell Therapy has proven its efficiency numerous times. Treating diseases and injuries from arthritis to torn tendons, and even diabetes.

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Diabetes is a common medical disorder affecting a significant number of adults in the population. It is an epidemic in the United States with numerous newly diagnosed patients growing year by year. This disease is caused by an insensitivity to insulin by those cells in the body which process sugar. It is the build-up of excess sugar in the body which leads to all of the symptoms of diabetes

Poor diet, obesity, low activity level, genetics and family history are some causes of type 2 diabetes. There are multiple symptoms of this disease. Which include increased appetite, thirst, and urination, slow-healing blurred vision, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction. If diabetes is not treated correctly, your blood sugar will rise uncontrollably Over time this can lead to such complications such as kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, liver disease. Additionally, diabetes reduces life expectancy by more than 10-years.

By using your stem cells, it aids the pancreas to regenerate. Boosting its ability to produce more insulin. Patients experience health benefits six months after their diabetes stem cell therapy treatment. This treatment requires repeated applications of adipose stem cells. This representation is the most effective treatment for diabetes type 2. Providing an open window to be able to make dietary changes and exercise much more effective and to gain long-term control of your blood sugar.
Adult stem cells can transform into any type of cells within the human body and are used to restore damaged structures and rejuvenate failing cells. One benefit of this procedure is that it is side-effect and rejection free. It does not require general anesthesia, so you are in and out of the clinic within hours.

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