Prolotherapy vs. Stem Cell Therapy


So what exactly is Prolotherapy? You may recall one of our earlier blog posts, which compared stem cell therapy to platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. To summarize that post, stem cell therapy uses stem cells extracted from your body, to treat painful conditions, by regenerating the damaged tissue. PRP utilizes plasma, extracted from your blood, enriched with your platelets, and is used to regenerate bone and soft tissue. acCELLerate™ combines your plasma, platelets, and stem cells.

Prolotherapy, or Proliferation Therapy, is also known as regenerative injection therapy. It is an alternative form of treatment, which involves injecting the damaged area with an irritant, such as hyperosmolar dextrose, lidocaine, or glycerine. Similarly to Stem Cell, PRP, and acCELLerate™, these irritants kick start the process of inflammation, which triggers an automatic healing response within the body. This type of positive immune response was the topic of an earlier blog post; how do Stem Cells work?

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