Is Natural HRT the Right Treatment for Estrogen Imbalances Related to Menopause?

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Irritability. Water Retention. Night Sweats.

Natural HRT and how it can help you. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can easily recognize these as the symptoms of menopause. As a woman’s body ages, her hormonal system goes into overload, preparing her for a life post-menstrual. It is not a pleasant time in any woman’s life, nor in that of anyone who is close to her. Elevated or severely reduced levels of estrogen play havoc on her body. Often those who she loves the most feel the brunt of their frustration and irrational behavior. It’s not personal, it’s just a hormone imbalance acting out.

Though a recommended treatment of diet and exercise is recommended for those willing to suffer alone, there are therapies and treatments available to help stem or even alleviate the symptoms.

Natural HRT Treatment

For women who are physician-referred for a stronger approach to hormonal imbalance, there do exist treatments that help to reduce or even eliminate the ravages of hot and cold mood swings, night sweats and severe irritability. This revolutionary Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is designed to rebalance a woman’s hormone levels to help return her to a state of comfort within her own body.

An additional benefit of HRT is that it helps reduce the risks associated with menopause, including tearing and bleeding related to vaginal dryness, onset osteoporosis and increased water retention due to fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone. HRT helps to stem symptoms by rebalancing these naturally occurring hormones to normal levels.

Candidates for Natural HRT Clinical Treatments

Though HRT has been proven to assist in reduction and even elimination of hormonal issues related to decreased estrogen in relation to menopause symptoms, it is not an effective treatment for everyone. Physicians highly recommend a consultation and screening before treatment begins using a sensitive series of exams for the patient. Clinics work closely with not only the patient but with their primary care provider to ensure the natural HRT therapy is the right choice for them.

Should you believe that a natural HRT course of treatment is right for your situation, first consult with your primary care provider and your OB/GYN to provide feedback and answers for your menopause and decreased estrogen questions. They will be able to assist in determining your condition and the best course of action to relieve, reduce or even remove your symptoms. Once you have determined that natural HRT treatment is right for you, call us at 833-STEM-GEN (833-783-6436) to arrange a consultation. A hormonal imbalance is nothing to treat lightly, and we look forward to helping find a brighter tomorrow through natural HRT treatments.

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