Stem Cell Skepticism

Throughout the numerous conversations about regenerative medicine I have had with acquaintances, I came to the conclusion that a good amount of people are skeptical of Stem Cell Therapy. The skepticism comes from questioning the quality of the cells, and accusing them of being fake, synthetic, artificial, or laboratory grown. I’m writing this blog to help educate you about the cells we use and end this skepticism.

Our medically trained physicians use only adult stem cells that are taken from your bone marrow. They are then isolated from the bone marrow and re-introduced into the injured area for purposes of regenerating damaged tissue. These cells are not synthetic or grown in a laboratory. They are purely cells derived from your body. The procedure takes roughly two hours from start to finish, and all the steps are completed in our clinic. For more information and research click here.

Here are a few facts about Stem cells:
•There are three main types of stem cells: adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPSCs.

•In tissues like bone and muscle, adult stem cells can generate replacements for bone and muscle cells that are lost through injury, disease or normal wear and tear. Adult stem cells are sometimes referred to as somatic stem cells.

•Adult stem cells usually develop into the same type of cell as the tissue in which they reside. Stem cells found in muscle tissue, for example, generally gives rise to new muscle cells.

•Embryonic stem cells are “starter cells” that can be manipulated into becoming any of the specialized cells of the body, meaning they are “pluripotent.” Embryonic stem cells are derived from eggs fertilized in the laboratory, not in a woman’s body.

•Adult stem cells are not embryonic cells.
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*The factual content is not original. You can find the source for these facts online.*

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