Could Stem Cells help cancer patients?

Stem Cell Therapy has proven its efficiency numerous times in treating diseases such as diabetes and arthritis as well as in chronic pain management. And now due to advancements in the field, cancer patients could now potentially to benefit as well. The procedure helps minimize the unwanted side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
But does the treatment work directly against cancer? Yes and no. Although the procedure is effective against certain forms of cancer, notably leukemia, and lymphoma, individuals still have to undergo conventional treatment. Stem cell therapy has also shown to reduce the severity of multiple myelomas (cancer of the plasma cells) in patients.

While embryonic stem cells have been the much-publicized of the pair, adult stem cells are the form used in the treatment of cancer. There are varied types of stem cell transplants;
Autologous transplants: Stems cells are obtained from the patient before he or she undergoes chemotherapy. The cells are then reintroduced; then there are Allogeneic transplants. This transplant is when the stem cells are collected from a donor with matching cells to those of the patient.

Before undergoing a stem cell therapy, patients are subjected to high doses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. In the process, the healthy cells in the bone marrow are affected and in some cases, destroyed. This makes the body susceptible to all kind of problems.
The initial cancer treatment targets the rapidly dividing tumor cells in the body, but since all the cells do not divide at the same time, it becomes unlikely that all affected cells are destroyed. To reduce the likely hood of a reoccurrence, individuals then undergo stem cell therapy. The transplanted cells attack and destroy the remaining cancer cells.

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